is a brief portal to the best of Nunavut, created by the territory's leading marketers and publishers.

Use these links for objective independent information and news about Nunavut:

Nunatsiaq News
Nunavut's leading newspaper, Nunatsiaq News is read by most residents every week for its insightful editorials and hard-hitting news coverage. Its popular web site contains the full weekly newspaper and archives dating back to 1995.

The Nunavut Handbook
"The bible of Arctic travel" is also a comprehensive guide to the Nunavut territory, with over 300 pages of accurate information by Nunavut's most expert writers. More than a guidebook, it describes each community, parks, activities, culture, government and the Inuit language. Available only by purchasing the book.

Or visit the official web sites:

The Government of Nunavut
The web site of the Government of Nunavut.

Nunavut Tourism
The tourism web site of Nunavut.

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
The national Inuit association's web site contains links to all the other major Inuit organizations.

About the Publishers:

The publisher of the Nunavut Handbook, Ayaya is an Inuit owned company based in Nunavut, Ayaya is Nunavut's leading marketing firm.

The publisher of Nunatsiaq News, Nortext is a leader in northern communications.

Nunacom is a 7-bit font designed for reading Inuktitut syllabic web pages for both Windows and Mac computers:

Nunacom Font
A free download of an Inuktitut syllabic font, the first syllabic web font developed by Nortext.